Clay Bar Extra Fine.

Clay Bar Extra Fine.


Acid rain, road soot and fallout are the enemy of paint. Water and Zymöl Clear™ can wash away the loose particulates but not the embedded pollution. The sun acts as a catalyst to help these toxic pollutants penetrate and destroy your paint. 

Using clay bar to remove embedded contaminants from automotive paints, is a superior remedy for acid rain etch, moderate abrasions, bird droppings and light oxidation. Using Clay removes marring and soils through microscopic polishing and cleaning without harm to new or old paintwork

Directions for Using Extra Fine Clay:

  1. Spray Nano Lube  evenly onto a one square foot section.
    Note: Only use Nano Lube.
  2. Work Clay with a light pressure until the surface becomes smooth and silent.
  3. Rinse with warm water and gently buff with a clean Zymöl Towel to reveal the true, clean finish of your car (the paint looks and feels new).

This is not a Zymöl branded product. Click for more info.

* Made in Germany

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