Lehm-Klay III Kit

Lehm-Klay III Kit


Acid rain, road silt and fallout are the enemy of paint. Water and Zymöl Clear™ wash away the loose particulates but not the embedded pollution. The sun acts as a catalyst to help these paint-toxic pollutants penetrate and destroy your paint. Lehm-Klay, a new Professional natural cleaner and conditioner for automotive paints, is a superior remedy for acid rain etch, moderate abrasions, bird drippings and light oxidation. Lehm-Klay removes marring and soils through microscopic polishing and cleaning without harm to new or old paintwork

Directions for Using Lehm Klay™ III:

  1. Spray Lehm-Lube evenly onto a one square foot section.
    Note: Only use with Lehm-Lube. 
  2. Work Lehm-Klay with a light pressure until the surface becomes smooth and silent.
  3. Rinse with warm water and gently buff with a clean Zymöl Towel to reveal the true, clean finish of your car (the paint looks and feels new).

Ingredients: Contains Guar Gum, Naturally derived Kaolin Clay from Africa and Chalcedony Quartz from North America.

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